• INS'hAck CTF 2018 - Crypt0r part3

    You did a very good job until now. To be sure no one is going to be trapped again, could you find a way to protect the whole company?

    To do so, you can use the binary located on the website of part 2, our expert told us that is was safe to run.

    Note: you need to solve part 2 before attempting this part

    Edit: Microsoft flagged the old binary as a malware, please redownload the new version (the old version won’t give you the correct flag)

  • INS'hAck CTF 2018 - Gcorp Stage 2

    All you need to do is to pwn using some DNA samples…

    Once you gathered enough information, go checkout this

    Note: you should validate stage 1 to have more information on stage 2.

  • INS'hAck CTF 2018 - Config Creator

    I’ve just written a small utility to create a config file (which are sooo painful to write by hand, right?).

    Care to have a look?

    nc config-creator.ctf.insecurity-insa.fr 10000

  • Xiomara CTF 2018 - Slammer

    For this challenge we are given a file called slammer, let’s check what it might be using the file command.

  • Harekaze CTF 2018 - A custom CSS for the flag

    Let’s decorate with fashionable CSS in this site.