• m0leCon CTF 2020 - The Rickshank Rickdemption

    The chall was a RPG Pokemon-like client-only game.
    The objectives are:

    • Kill all the Mortys (but sadly every Morty is stronger than you)
    • Find the flag

  • BugPoc - Buggy Calculator

    Everything started with a Tweet:

    Check out our new XSS Challenge- $2,000 worth of prize money!  
    Submit solutions to http://hackerone.com/bugpoc before 08/12.  
    Rules: Must alert(domain), Must bypass CSP, Must work in Chrome, Must provide a BugPoC demo  
    Good luck!  
    #XSS #CTF #bugbounty #hacked

  • M0lecon 2019

    This was an on-site CTF by the Polictenico di Torino’s CTF team pwnthem0le, which took place during the M0lecon 2019 event. Our team won the competition :D

  • Ins'Hack 2019 - Bypasses Everywhere

    The challenge description was minimal: ``` I’m selling very valuable stuff for a reasonable amount of money (for me at least). Go check it out!

  • Midnight Sun CTF 2019 Quals - Rubenscube

    The challenge description was minimal, just telling us about an image sharing service:

    Sharing is caring. For picture wizard use only.
    Service: http://ruben-01.play.midnightsunctf.se:8080