Another smug cloud service boasting abut their security. Care to prove them wrong?


Author: avlidienbrunn

When you visit you notice that there is a CDN service on which uses Amazon S3 and is behind Amazon Cloudfront.

If you vist you are redirected to and you can get the S3 bucket name:

Now you just need to connect to the bucket via awscli and try to list its content.

smaury@hitch-hicker:$ aws s3 ls s3://
                            PRE css/
                            PRE font-awesome/
                            PRE js/
2017-05-14 15:18:04         36 flag_9182quwaisjnzkmasj.txt

As you can see the S3 bucket’s ACL are screwed up and you can list content without being authenticated.

To get the flag you just need to browse