Find me!

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Extracting the archive we got the following:

ls  'my collection' 

my collection is a directory and openme is a password-locked archive

The directory contains a lot of png files with flags of states and some pieces of QRCode, reconstructing it QRCode scanning it with zbar gave us the password for the archive

zbarimg qrcode.jpg 
QR-Code:=== Ea5y p4ssw0rd h4h4 ===
scanned 1 barcode symbols from 1 images in 0.15 seconds

extracting with the password gave us the following:

[] here.png password: 
  inflating: here.png                
  inflating: flag.txt

flag.txt is just a dummy and contains It's not here ^^

After some research on the png we found out is DotCode


Scanning it with a DotCode Reader gave us: flag: d0tc0d3_s0_c00l